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Our Courses

Our first priority is for the learning to be focused on you. We want to motivate and drive your own learning as much as possible.

We offer courses from beginner to advanced, general English and business English.

Learning as an adult is different from school! So we believe you don't have to stick to a textbook to learn well. We encourage you to use everything you can to learn!

We provide genuine tailor-made materials specific to you and use updated news for discussion topics.

We focus on improving fluency and expressing your opinions using a discussion format which will let you practise reacting to different ideas. 

We offer one-on-one classes and group classes. Our classes are kept to a maximum of 4 people so you have the opportunity to speak!


People are busier than before, so we aim to be as flexible as possible with your schedule.
If you need to reschedule the lesson we'll do our best to accommodate you whenever possible!

Private (1-on-1) classes

Focus on your specific needs and drive your own learning! We use videos, textbooks, real news and your life to study in class.


Group classes (max. 4)

You and your friends can learn together. Help each other to learn faster and listen to different ways of communicating.


Business English

Learn how to meet your customers and co-workers with confidence. All the way from small-talk, presentations, advertising your products to negotiating and making and dealing with complaints.

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