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  • Rico Wong

Memory techniques

Updated: Jul 26, 2021


There were only 2 lessons this week (one was cancelled due to bad weather and the other was a public holiday) so the speed of each lesson went along a little faster.

Teacher: Even if a lesson is cancelled, use that opportunity to review previous lessons or use that time to learn some new vocabulary. Try not to break the habit of studying!

My lesson was cancelled - what should I do?

On Monday (the lesson was cancelled due to bad weather) so I practised reading/writing hiragana to become more familiar with it.

Teacher: You should try to make categories or images for studying vocabulary. It'll help you to remember them. (Student: I didn't do that here because I was being lazy)

Later, I got sick of studying :) but I didn't want to do nothing so I found a Youtube video showing a national Japanese bouldering tournament. The commentary was in Japanese and each athlete was introduced. I could understand some basic words and read the hiragana from some athletes' names!

I made a post on my Instagram page (wom_english) showing how I linked hobbies to my learning.

On Thursday (a public holiday), I studied Katakana (another Japanese alphabet) in Starbucks while drinking far too much black coffee.

I drew pictures to help memorise them...

Teacher: Pictures/images unique to you will always help you to remember something! Once recall becomes quick, you won't need to think of the image anymore.

So here:

'ku' is somebody laughing. The person is tilting his head back and laughing up in the air.

'ke' kind of looks like a kettle.

'ko' .... I'm imagining a fighter punching so hard that the wind is making this bullet-like shape.

You can see that years of being a teacher has made my stick-men drawings much better than the average joe.

This week's problems and goals

My biggest weakness is my reading speed and a difficulty in remembering some new vocabulary. So my goal for this coming week is to use different methods to recall the vocabulary faster.

For reading, I will focus on reading hiragana from the textbook to read common words quickly and generally read other sources of hiragana on the internet just to speed myself up.

This week's fears

Kanji - ie. traditional chinese characters. I really, really need to start learning this.


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